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Every year, countless people in Houston, Texas are injured because a product or drug is defective in some way, shape, or form.  There are millions of products on the market today, making it difficult for manufacturers to keep every single product safe for the public.  Fortunately for those Houston residents that are injured, Houston Texas products liability attorneys are tough on companies who injure innocent people.  Additionally, experienced Houston products liability attorneys have tried to juries all kinds of products liability lawsuits, making them well prepared to try to a verdict any type of product liability case.

There is no common defective product case.  Products liability cases can range from auto defects, to defective tires, to even dangerous drugs, airplanes, or helicopters. They can range from single actions to joint actions, to even class actions and mass tort as seen in multi-district litigation (MDL)..  As long as a party involved in the manufacture of a product is liable for damages caused by that product, there will be a product liability action that can be filed.  Thus, over the years, Houston Texas product liability attorneys have become exposed to almost every product litigation action in Texas.

Houston Childrens' Toys Lawyer and Houston TX Product Liability Lawyer

Undoubtedly, one of the most horrifying experiences could be an injury to your child.  When a parent, sibling, family member, or friend gives a child a gift for a birthday or Christmas, it is expected that the toy will be safe.  Unfortunately, because manufacturers are not always cautious with the production or manufacture of goods, the product can occasionally injure, or even kill, the child.  If a child you know has been injured by a defective toy, it is important to contact a Houston products liability lawyer or law firm today for a free consultation.  Texas has strict limitations as to when a product liability action can be filed so don't delay.

In a notable case involving childrens' products, a baby high chair fell to the ground and suffocated the baby.  In this case, the manufacturer failed to warn parents or babysitters that the feeding tray was not to be used to restrain the baby. Additionally, the safety straps that the manufacturer provided with the baby chair were suppose to be used to secure the child but the warnings did not tell the parents or babysitters this was required. Accordingly, if a child is left alone, even for a moment, he, or she, can slide against the tray and choke, and in some horrifying situations, kill the baby.  This hazard has become well known in with regard to juvenile furniture manufacturing.

This is just one of the many reasons how a manufacturer can be liable under product liability in children toys or children defective product cases.  If a manufacturer fails to warn parents of a danger, liability is created.  An experienced Houston Texas product liability attorney has answers to this, and many other questions you may have.  If you are in need of a consultation with a Harris County children's toy defect lawyer, contact one of the lawyers listed on this site.

Houston Tire Defect Lawyers and Houston Defective Tread Attorneys

Not surprisingly, there is almost a constant flow of recalls in Texas and the United States dealing with defective tires.  There are many reasons for these dangers:

  1. First, there is so much at stake when an automobile is traveling at high speeds.  Any slight flaw and a disastrous result could lead to serious injury or death;
  2. Additionally, tires are so complex in design and manufacture that there are many ways that the tire can be flawed.  For example, tire failures include blowouts, tread separations, belt separations and sudden loss of tire pressure (deflation) which has the effect of drastically increasing a vehicle’s chance to roll over.

For these reasons, it would follow that the largest products liability lawsuit ever was a defective tire case. In that case, a family was able to recover 4.8 billion dollars against General Motors when they became trapped inside a burning car.  That award was later reduced to about $1 billion.  It was the infamous Firestone Tire recall of 2000 that brought so much attention from the public on the potential dangers of badly manufactured or designed tires.  Since that time, almost every major manufacturer of tires has issued at least one tire recall, including, but not limited to the following:a defective tire like the one in this photo can cause a bad wreck and serious injuries

  • Ford
  • Firestone
  • Uniroyal
  • Dunlop
  • Cooper

Unfortunately, many of these recalls came as the result of the innocent public being injured when one or more of their tires malfunctioned.  This is when a Houston Harris County tire defect lawyer would be necessary.  An experienced Houston Texas injury lawyer can explain the intricacies of a claim, and show you how to proceed to get the maximum possible result for your tire defect claim.  Houston Texas Products Liability attorneys are ready and capable to take on any claim against any tire company throughout Harris County, the state of Texas and in any jurisdiction in the United States.

It is irrelevant where you purchased your automobile or your tires. For example, you may file a product liability lawsuit against a tire manufacturer if you purchased a car from a Houston Car dealership such as:

Archer Motor Sales Corp
8843 North Fwy
Houston, Texas, 77037
(281) 445-6448
Fred Haas Toyota
8335 North Fwy
Houston, Texas, 77037
(281) 448-5201
Apple Chevrolet
5959 Hillcroft Street
Houston, Texas, 77036
(713) 782-9400
Jack Roach Ford
3200 Bissonnet St
Houston, Texas, 77005
(713) 666-5966
David McDavid Kia
11311 Gulf Fwy
Houston, Texas, 77034
(713) 941-3600
Jay Marks Mazda
10475 Southwest Fwy
Houston, Texas, 77074
(713) 772-9141


Power Tool Defect Lawyers

Power tools, by their very nature, are dangerous.  They are designed to perform tasks that human beings are simply unable to perform.  However, when one purchases a power tool, they expect that the tool will safely and effectively perform the task it was design to perform.  Unfortunately, even when someone exercises the utmost caution, or wears safety gear, when using a dangerous power tool, he/she may still be hurt if the equipment malfunctions.  Fortunately for those Houston residents that are injured by a power tool, Houston Texas power tool defect attorneys are tough on companies who injure innocent people. Even if you, or your family member, modified the tool and the modification allowed the injury to occur, there may still be a cause of action if the modification was reasonably foreseeable. This is best seen in power saw injuries where the guard is removed or modified.

Most power tools operate using a motor or engine, and are therefore capable of inflicting serious injury when and if they malfunction.  Some common injuries that can occur if a power tool malfunctions are:a defective tool or product may cause a serious injury like the burn in the photo below


It is also very important to note that it is not relevant whether the power tool malfunctions at home or in the factory or in a store.  For example, if a nail gun malfunctions when you are working at home and causes an injury to you or a family member because a safety mechanism fails, a Houston Product liability lawyer can help claim damages for you.  On the contrary, however, if a piece of heavy equipment at the factory malfunctions and crushes a hand or limb, a Houston defective product lawyer can also seek a remedy for the problem for you. You may also have a workers compensation claim in addition to your products claim when injured on the job. Furthermore, it doesn't matter where you purchased the power tool. 


Some equipment, or hardware, stores that have sold defective products are:

Home Depot
999 North Loop West
Houston, TX 77008
(713) 802-9725
1521 North Loop West
Houston, TX 77008
(713) 426-6300
Home Depot
6810 Gulf Freeway
Houston, TX 77087
(713) 649-1108
4645 Beechnut Street
Houston, TX 77096
(713) 661-6119
Home Depot
5445 West Loop
Houston, TX 77081
(713) 662-3950
1000 Gulfgate Center Mall
Houston, TX 77087
(713) 645-5550
Home Depot
10600 Eastex Freeway
Houston, TX 77093
(713) 699-0965
9640 Old Katy Road
Houston, TX 77055
(713) 647-6711


Airplane Defect Lawyer, Helicopter Defect Attorney and Houston Airplane Injury Lawyers

One type of products liability action that may affect a large number of people when disaster occurs, is product liability in an aircraft.  When an airplane is involved in a major or even minor accident, there is a high probability that people may be injured or even killed.  Most of the time when a plane crashes, it is because there is a manufacturing or design defect in the aircraft or its equipment.  The types of actions that may be brought against the manufacturer of an airplane or helicopter may include negligence actions, breach of warranty actions, and/or products liability actions.

Aircraft and Airplane products liability actions can be brought for a number of different reasons or defects.  For example, a product liability action can be brought if there is a problem with any part of the plane including:

Control components
Landing gear
Lighting equipment

these lawyers know which court to go file a claim to seek jsutice ofr youHouston defective aircraft lawyers know how to bring a claim before any court, both State and Federal. If you, or a family member, have been involved in a plane crash, get to know your rights. If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective aircraft, it is important to contact a Houston Airplane Crash lawyer right away, before the statute of limitations on the claim runs out.  There are a number of Houston lawyers listed on this site who are ready and willing to help with any of your aviation injury claims.

These are just a few of many common defective products that you may file a products liability lawsuit under.  Other common defective products may include trucks, automobiles, SUVs that roll, roof collapse, dangerous drugs and herbal remedies, seat backs, seat belts, airbag injuries, air bag failure to deploy cases, seat belt releases, defective shoulder belts, defective seatbelt buckles, power windows, door latch opening, lift gate or rear door opening failure, tire explosions, silica dust, asbestos, benzene, helicopter engine defects, airplane engine fire defects, tractor rollover, ATV rollovers, helmet cases, crane accidents, engine fires, valve release, blowout valve deaths, firearm defects, fuel-fed fires, elevator door, children’s beds, toys, cleaning products,  headrest, head restraints, airbag injuries, under-ride, under carriage, tire defects, conversion van, convertibles,  automatic doors, forklift tow motor, ladder collapses, and other dangerous products.

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